Getting Logged Out Frequently?

  1. 2 Please read these instructions carefuly before attempting anything. If stuff doesn't make sense, please don't hesitate to ask/PM me, yes?

    Here we go!

    I've noticed a lot of people complaining about typing up an exacting post, clicking the submit button only to have it vanish into cyberspace because they were logged out of the website.

    Very, very frustrating. I know

    The problem is cookies (very common), you might not have enabled cookies on your machine or you have some kind of firewall software that prevents them from being stored on your computer.

    Now I know what you're thinking. Cookies? FIREwall? Has Roy lost his mind? Poor boy must not be getting enough sleep - he's mixing Cooking 101 with Computers Trust me on this ok

    Now, lets go through a step by step process to prevent future loss of posts.

    1. Open another "browser window". This is usually achieved through the keyboard shortcuts Control+N. (Hit "Ctrl+n". Press and hold down the Ctrl key on the keyboard. Now without releasing the Ctrl key, hit the letter n. Release both keys now )

    2. Now you have a brand new window for 'testing' purposes but you also have this thread open for reference (in the old window).

    3. In the new window, go to Go to the forums. Try to make a post in a thread. LOG IN if you have to do so.

    4. Good. Now in the top right corner of the page/screen, look for a link that says "Log Out". Click the link to log out.

    5. Now, try logging back in. Only THIS time, remember to click on the little box that says "Remember Me?". This little box should be right there along with Username and Password. Before you click the Submit button after typing in your Username and Password, make sure the Remember Me? box has a little check/tick mark in it.

    6. Remember to do this everytime you login to!

    Now, let us learn a back-up to save our posts incase we forget to check "Remember Me"....

    1. After you finished typing up the post, hit "Ctrl+a". This is the keyboard shortcut for "Select All". You'll notice that everything you just typed up has been 'slelected'.

    2. Now without touching/hitting/clicking anything else, hit "Ctrl+c". This is the keyboard shortcut for "copy". Your computer now has a copy of your entire post - typed painstakingly with love, dedication and affection - in a corner of it's memory.

    3. Go ahead and click the Submit button. If all goes well, you will have posted your reply and everything is fine.

    4. If, unfortunately, you are "logged out" or have a "connection timeout" error, don't panic. Simply go back to the thread you were in and click the Post Reply button. One the page loads, click anywhere in the white text box area.

    Now hit "Ctrl+v" [keyboard shortcut for Paste] and magically watch your entire post re-appear

    It's just 2 simple, extra steps to add to your routine which will virtually eliminate the frustration of losing posts. Remember, all you need to do is "Ctrl+a" and then "Ctrl+c" every single time before you hit the "Submit" button before you make a post

    Hope this has helped. Lemme know
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    BLESS YOU Roy! Thank You!
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    I'm a right mouse click person (to cut and paste). Learned something from the newbie Mod....

    Ain't life grand

    Won't lose my replies now
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    Thanks, Roy!

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