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Forum for Nursing gear (shoes, 'scopes, pants...)

  1. 0 I wonder if there is any interest in a forum for nursing gear. Ya know, stuff like shoes, scrub pants, 'scopes...etc. All those random threads can be contained in one forum. Just a thought.
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    I suggested this before a little over a year ago.. It got shot down, because it would attract spammers.

    (Thought it was a good idea, because there are numerous thread about shoes and steths.)
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    I think it's a great idea, because I am a nursing student and am on here right now looking for the best kinds of nursing shoes to get. Any ideas???
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    I also agree!
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    Awesome idea!

    I'm always scouring the "equipment" threads for good tips!
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    :1luvu:Hello every body here.I have been looking forward to the forum just like what you said.It is a great idea!
    Very good and thank you for your post!
    Wish you all have nice weekend!
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    Best I found as far as shoes is either 'Crocs' or 'Jrubios' depending on if your feet bother you or your back. Feet = Crocs Jrubios = back (rubios have a spring in them but are clogs - quite comfortable)
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    i think its a great idea too!
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    i'd subscribe to a Gear Forum if there was one. :angel2:
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    thanks for the suggestion, we finally got around to creating these forums! visit:
    nursing gear forums- talk about nursing products