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Finding Your Way Around the Thread List Page

  1. 3 For those new to our site, here's a description of some of the features found when viewing a "thread list" page.

    To give you an idea of what we are talking about here's a screen capture of a partial thread list page.

    Announcements - must read

    Important site and/or category news. Announcements can appear in multiple sections simultaneously. They have a time period in which they are visible - then they disappear from view.

    Stickies - a must read

    Stickies will always appear at the top of a list. Repeated inquiries are often converted into a sticky. Important information may be found here.

    Unread/Read Titles

    The system highlights threads that you have not read.
    This feature works differently for logged in members vs. logged out guests.

    For logged in members, the system recognizes all threads that you have read. And, it will highlight those you haven't. We do have a limit to how far back the system will go.

    For guests, the system will highlight only "new" threads/comments that haven't been read since visiting the page.

    For example, the image above tells me that I have an unread comment in Posting New Messages.

    Go To First New Post

    Unlike the "Last Reply" link, clicking the (arrow down) icon will take you directly to the first unread post. For example, since your last visit 10 people commented on a thread you created. When you click on the (arrow down) icon, the system will redirect you to the first unread comment.

    Thread Icon Legend

    New posts
    No new posts
    You have posted in thread
    Hot or Popular (More than 500 replies or 1000 views)

    Hot or Popular (More than 500 replies or 1000 views); New Post
    New Post; You have posted in thread; Is Hot

    Thread is closed; all silver colored icons suggest that thread is closed (color overrides all other)

    You have subscribed to thread
    Has an attachment
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