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Expectations not fair

  1. 0 I was welcomed to this message as I was responding to a new nurse friends message. Yes I have not payed for a membership because I am a college student, single mother, and caregiver for my mother, grandmother, and roommate so money is tight. I wanted to try it out first to see if is something that I can put money in to and get something out of being friendships, networking, help with school, or what have you but now I cant rely to messages because I don't comment at least 15 times a day. My schedule is crazy and I have responded but its when time allows. I don't want to just go respond 15 times to people with out a heartfelt response because the person I am responding to deserves better then that. While I understand the reasoning, I should not be punished so hard for others mistakes. School is priority first and for most, then self care, then my duties to my son and family. This is my fun time for relaxation and that doesn't happen often.

    Does this mean if I do pay, I am going to have to respond 15 times to be able to send messages out?

    We apologize for the inconvenience but sending a Private Message is disabled for all members who have not actively participated on the site. Members are required to have a minimum of 15 quality topics in order to use our Private Messaging (PM) System.This change is required to decrease the likelihood of someone abusing our policy and soliciting members. If you get any private messages that are soliciting in nature, please report them using the Report button found in the message. Thank you for understanding.
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    Hello and welcome to allnurses.com

    Once you have at least 15 "quality" (not boosting your post count) public board replies, you will be able to send private messages. This is not for punishment, but to cut down on those who come just to spam our members with private messages.

    Members who purchase a subscription do not have to have the 15 post count before sending messages.

    Support the site and get more perks in the process!

    We hope you continue to post and enjoy allnurses.com.
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    and it doesn't have to be 15 posts a day but 15 'quality' posts as a total