Do you use All Nurses ....?

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    do you use all nurse's as often since the format change ?

    praiser :heartbeat

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    Yup. Took a week or so but I'm at home again.
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    I'm back to using it as often as I did before the change
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    Didn't think I would, but have found I do :-)

    Just takes some getting used to...
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    Yes, once they made the bulk of the adjustments I'm on quite a bit. There are some aspects that are improvements, a few things I miss about the old format, but I've adjusted.
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    I still come as often but I don't stay as long. Some of the new appearance hurts my eyes. I haven't figured out what exactly the problem is, but if I hang out too long, I get a headache. I'm glad the slow server problem got fixed, though. Things are back up to regular speed
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    I do but that's only because I had only like a week with the old version. I think the old version was much easier to scan the threads but other than that I don't have a problem with the new version. On we go....
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    Like Sue said, it took me about a week, but for better or worse, I am still hooked!
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    No. I don't like the headaches this format gives me and will be spending less and less time here now that it is not user friendly.

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