disappearing threads

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    Today was the second time that threads I had previously participated in have disappeared. The first, I dont remember what it was, but the second is the one about EMS vs. ED nurses.

    Whats the deal? Are they accidentally lost temporarily or deleted or what?
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    The site was down for a while with database errors today. My guess is they had to restore a backup of the database which would have lost all posts since that backup was made.
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    yes I see that it has returned again. thanks
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    When I am in a thread and click the next page number or "last reply", I am being take to the home page.
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    I am too, why is that?
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    Same here! This is extremely annoying....hope it gets fixed soon!
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    We are currently trying to fix all issues. It is an on-going process. Thank you for your patience.
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