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How can I delete a post? Do I have to upgrade and will that really let me delete a post?... Read More

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    I like having the extra features. They are listed on that link I mentioned. Go to "my account" in the yellow bar, click on the first choice, operator panel or something like that, then look all the way to the right on, I think, the first option. You will see "compare memberships". A click on that link will show you what the differences are. I also like the shade of blue used for platinum members (probably the real reason for me).

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    Hummmm, I wonder what the differences are between the too for edit/delete features since platinum has more but no specifics are mentioned.
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    From what I saw, the only differences for editing have to do with the five minute limit, and all paid memberships get this feature. For me, I think that alone would be worth the $30 fee. Although you should always be mindful of what you post, sometimes you want to change something a long time after you originally posted it.
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    Quote from caliotter3
    I just looked it up on the compare memberships link. Regular members can edit posts for five minutes. Paid memberships can edit posts after five minutes. Thought I saw that somewhere.
    That's not true. Look at my previous post and edit time.
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    If you need a post deleted you can always report the post and ask for it to be deleted and why you need it deleted.

    If you need any assistance you can also contact the admin help desk here
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    i appreciate the extra editing time because i frequently type with a cat assistant, but not a one of them can
    spell very well!

    another reason i have an upgraded membership is being able to have an avatar and change it when the urge strikes me.

    the third equally important reason i have an upgraded membership is to support a fantastic site i enjoy and learn from.
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    Quote from macgirl
    thanks! $30.00 that's a bit much.... why did you choose to upgrade? and do you think it's worth it?
    for a year of the ability to change my posts after the (with my regular membership) 5 minutes of edit time? oh yeah it is so worth it! also brian (the founder) has a great service for nurses here . . .

    well worth the price of a couple of pizzas, as they say.
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    Quote from sharpeimom
    the third equally important reason i have an upgraded membership is to support a fantastic site i enjoy and learn from.
    agree... this is reason enough to upgrade. i've learned a ton here over the last few years and had fun doing it.
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    I'm with sharpeimom - I upgraded for a combination of perks (avatar, sig line, editing) and to support the site and its' founder
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