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Could the admins kindly remind members....

  1. 0 Any chance the AN admins could issue a friendly reminder that text-speak is a no-no? And, maybe some kind of gently-worded suggestion that posts with good quality spelling and punctuation get better responses?

    I really like this forum, but it seems like half or more posts I read are barely readable. It doesn't have to be 100% perfect, by any means! But, surely we can do a little better. Nurses and nursing students are intelligent people who pay attention to detail. Can we see a little more of that reflected on AN? Please?
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    Per our TOS, we are an English-speaking forum.

    We respectfully request that everyone post in English. And, we also ask that text-speak be kept to a very minimum.

    Above all posts, this is written:
    Per our Terms of Service please post in English only; no text/chat speak.
    There isn't much more we can do.

    If you see posts that are against TOS regarding non-English and/or too much text-speak, please utilize the report icon so staff can be alerted to your reasons for the report and we will discuss, then take action if necessary.

    Thank you.
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