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Contacting other Members

  1. 22 Can I email other members?

    Yes. Members can send email to other members.

    To send an email to another member, you can click the email user button on any post they have written.

    This will open a page that contains a form where you can enter your message. When you have finished typing your message, press the 'send email' button and your message will be sent instantly.

    Can I see email addresses?

    For privacy reasons, the recipient's email address is not revealed to you during this process.

    Why can't I send an email to someone?

    If you cannot find an email button or link for a member, it means either that the member has said that they do not wish to receive email from other members.

    Sending email option is available to members with 15+ posts.

    Can I email a link to a friend?

    Another useful email function is the ability to send a friend a link to a thread you think they may find interesting.

    Whenever you view a thread, you will find a link somewhere on the page which will allow you to send a brief message to anyone you like.

    What is private messaging?

    Registered members with 15+ posts (quality posts that add to the discussions) may also be able to send messages to other members using the private messaging system. For more information about private messaging, click here.
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    so i hafta post 15 messages to other threads before i can pm someone...
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    Correct. 15 public board posts that actually contribute to the discussion; not to merely boost ones post count.
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    I think the 15+ post rule is a good idea for 2 reasons - the anti-spam measure already identified, and also to encourage new members to contribute to AN rather than solely use the site for themselves. That is why the posts have to be useful for them to count toward your 15.

    I also think you guys can contribute useful posts to the group - you all have opinions, perspectives, insights and questions that would add to existing threads. A big part of what makes AN such a great place is the willingness of members to contribute to discussions, answer questions and present divergent viewpoints. Be part of the site!
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