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    I suggest that the chat rooms be available since you are a member instead of asking for 15 threads.

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    Purpose of our chat forum is to discuss interests of nurses and nursing careers. Many new members have 15 posts after just 1-2 days as happy to have found a home to vent and explore. Some bb members never post. We leave it up to the individual to best decide their experience here.

    We recently instituted the 15 post policy due to persons signing up only to access chat trolling for girl friend/wives along with some inappropriate discussions. Quality content is what we feel members desire most about our site along with flame free environment.

    See you are almost at our minimum #posts to chat.... Happy Posting!
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    FYI: We also do not want users posting meaningless post just to boost their post count to access chat. Please post useful content or replies that will benefit the forums and our vistors. Staff may adjust your post count or close your account if you are seen boosting your post count. Thanks
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    Hello Friday, no one uses the chat anyway, UNFORTUNATELY
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    There are many of us who pop in and out of the chat room at any given time. With me, it depends on when I get off work or other matters. So.....just keep an eye out!

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    Whomever says that there is no one in the chat room, I beg to differ, last night at 8pm PDT there were 8 people in the chat room and four were still in there at midnight western time. I am trying to adjust from working evenings to day shift so I fell asleep last night and I would have like to have gotten into the conversation...but sometime soon I will.

    I agree with the 15 post minimum, if you leave it just for when you sign up, you will have people come in to make obsene notes. If they have to post 15 times then they might not be trollers. If you go on some sites, even nursing sites, can be a big problem. I love being able to go into a chat room and have a good talk with others that share my interest and not have people coming in looking for "love in all the wrong places" (if you are a country & western fan you know where that comes from) anyway it is a nice place to visit. Thanks Brian for a safe haven for us.

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