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Change the defaults that ID posters in threads, please.

  1. 0 there are some non-nurses and pre-nursing students who are making suggestions related to nursing that give the impression that they are currently in the field and know what they are talking about. i think people should give an opinion related to anything they wish. however, i do not think they should be allowed to give the wrong impression that they have knowledge related to nursing they do not have! with that said, is it possible to make a few changes that id posters in threads???

    1.) can you change the field that asks for number of years of experience from optional to required so it posts under our user names in threads? also can the default be chnaged to "0 years of nursing experience"?
    2.) can you change the field that asks about the specialty too? it is optional. it should post under the user name in threads and default to "n/a".
    3.) last but not least, can you have another field that posts nursing status within the threads: "curious (n/a)", "pre-nursing", "nursing student", "new grad nurse (< 1 year)", "relatively new nurse (1-3 years)", "experienced nurse (3-15)", "experienced nurse (15+ without expertise in one area)" "expert nurse (15+ with expertise in one area)", where the default is "curious". or some variation!!!

    these ideas will force real nurses to fill out their fields and will force lay people to remain lay people!!! this way, when someone posts something crazy about nursing and has not worked as a nurse, then the readers can take their comments with a grain of salt!!!

    for example, i am thinking of one poster whose name i will not mention. recently he has hijacked every thread where new nurses complain about the job market and/or the media's portal of the job market. he counteracts their comments comparing it to other industries as if nursing is different and they are just whining. he has also hijacked threads where nurses complain about their jobs stating that nursing is easy! his opinions are his opinions. however, since he has not filled out the fields on experience or specialty, he can be mistaken by a lay person as a nurse who made a career change, was successful at finding a job, and is having an easier time at work then his prior industry. as a nurse, and not a lay person, i know he is not a nurse!!! his comments in many posts are simply too crazy!!!! i want others to know that he and others like him are not nurses! thanks!!!
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    Thanks for your suggestions. Some of what you suggested has already been discussed and has been in the works

    We always welcome user suggestions!

    On your comments regarding a user who bothers you, I would suggest adding those users to your ignore list.
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