Catagorizing Threads

  1. 0 Is it possible to catagorize all threads to make them easier to navigate and search through. Examples:
    Med Surge, Psych, Home Health, Death and Dying, Geriatrics, Medication Administration, Hospice, Grants and Loans etc.
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    Hello, bema257,

    You can already fine them grouped together under the "General" tab found just above the yellow toolbar: and the "Specialty" tab found same place on the right end.

    You can also activate the "Jump To". Using this, you can scroll through all forums available. The Jump To box is located at the bottom of each page:

    To activate Jump To, go to "My Account" found on the yellow toolbar. Scroll to, "Edit Options". Scroll down to, "Miscellaneous Options", and find, "Show Site Jump To Menu", then "Save Changes":

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    not quite understanding " catagorizing threads". what might appeal to one nurse, might not to another.

    if you want to keep track of a forum, click add to favorites --(located on top gold toolbar next to forum name).

    to keep track of single thread click: keep me updated (located above first post of thread) to subscribe to that thread and get measges sent to you.

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