can we change our username

  1. 0 how if at all possible to change my username???
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    Contact an admin through the help desk. That's how I changed mine.
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    Quote from Sweet_Wild_Rose
    Contact an admin through the help desk. That's how I changed mine.
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    Link found bottom of every page: Help Desk
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    FYI for everyone about user ID name change!!!!

    We've just now (past couple days) implemented a new name change feature. You can now do it yourself.

    Members can now change their user ID names by going to "Edit Login Info" on their accounts.

    • find Account above on blue toolbar
    • click on dropdown menu Dashboard
    • find Options on the right
    • click dropdown menu Edit Login Info
    • enter your current password
    • click on Edit User Name
    • save changes

    Compare Membership
    (includes information about how often a member can change user ID name):

    • Registered Member: Once every 365 days
    • Premium Member: Once every 180 days
    • Platinum Member: Once every 30 days
    • AN Guide: Once every 30 days

    If you have any problems please come to the Help Desk where the administrators will communicate with you privately.
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