Can we add a specialty nursing category??!

  1. 0 Can there be a consideration of adding "clinic nurse" to the specialty nursing section?

    I noticed that there have been many inquiring questions about this field lately in the general nursing forums.

    I am also a clinic nurse, and feel it would be cool to have another spot to hangout here! It feels a little lonely to look at the long list- from camp nurses to Case management and see that we don't have a home yet.

    Thanks for the consideration
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    Start a thread re clinic nursing to gauge interest in such a request.
    What is specific to that specialty that wouldn't apply to general nursing?

    Clinic/Outpatient Nursing might have a broader appeal

    Looking forward to your ideas.
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    Thank you for your suggestion and thread generating interest. Please note new name of forum: Ambulatory Care Nursing & Clinic Nursing

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