can a user be responsible for moving a thread to a better location?

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    Hi! There are a few threads I've noticed that aren't under locations where it may be easier to find their topic. For instance, the thread relating to people who applied to Emory ABSN/MSN program is located under "Pre Nursing Students", and is not under "Georgia Nursing Program Discussion". I find that by searching for threads by the state of particular programs is MUCH more helpful than browsing through each and every topic. Am I allowed to move the thread discussion or does an administrator need to do that? If I can, please tell me how!
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    Only a staff member can move a thread once it has been started. In fact, a user can't even change the title once they've posted a new thread. Here is the list of staff members.
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    If you fell a thread is better placed in another area of the site you can request it be moved by clicking the report thread icon . A little box will come up and type your request in there, a staff member will look at it and then action your request is appropriate
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