Blocked people still show up in quotes

  1. 0 other people's threads. If I block someone, why aren't they totally gone? I don't want to know that they posted (I still get a one line notification that they posted in a thread and that it's blocked) and then if someone responds to their thread and quotes them, I can see what they wrote. I don't want to see these people at all. Can't this feature be improved?

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    I noticed this too. Interesting little quirk.
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    Let me look into this....will ask our IT people. Thanks.
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    pm sent - please check your PM inbox
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    working as designed...
    the system checks if a post belongs to a member in your IGNORED LIST - it doesn't check for messages

    when submitting a message the message belongs to the submitter; it doesn't matter if quoted text was grabbed from the WEB or from another post

    changing this to check for messages will be a huge hog resource...
    we have over 400,000 members and over 1 million posts - asking the system to check for every member and every message on your IGNORED LIST will make the pages crawl to a stop
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