Avatars here and not there?

  1. 0 My avatar shows up in some threads and then nothing in other threads, nothing not even a blank gray box like stanelys just no avatar.
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    Which posts is it NOT showing up in? URL or name please...

    Found post where i can't see Avatar:

    Not seeing Stanley's here either:

    Will ask IT staff to followup.
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    Not to butt in but I noticed if you are the original poster of a post, a person has to click your name and your avatar will show up in the right hand corner.

    I did notice on the OP's different postings that it only showed up if I clicked her sign on name.

    (by the way, I am also one who can see Stan's avatar sometimes and other times I can't.)
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    We are looking into this weird avatar issue. Hopefully it will get resolved soon
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    I've noticed that the avatars are smaller and the edges are cut off. Is there anything that can be done to make them full size again?
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    I haven't been on here for the past week and am trying to become accustomed to the new format.

    None of my old avatars "fit" into the new format. I remember the old way was to use a 100x100 max picture.
    What is the size avatar I need for this new format??

    I appreciate the help. Thanks!!!
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    Try this. My profile pic wouldn't fit either, so I gave up and didn't hit "save changes" button the last time. It took it.

    Are you uploading from your computer or from a site?

    If you need to resize it to 100 x 100, flickr works.

    Your sleepyhead avatar should fit fine.
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    Thanks Abs, I'm having a slow time navigating through this site with the changes....could be because I'm sick and my attention span is nil right now.
    I'm uploading from my computer. I'll keep trying so it doesn't cut it off. Thanks!
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    I see your flag avatar flying Medic2RN...hope problem corrected.
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    Actually, I used Absolutely's advice to use Flickr and make it a lot smaller.
    Thanks for checking up on it!!

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