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    [color="#800080"]i can't seem to upload an avatar; i have tried to upload several different ones and it says "unable to save image" or "invalid file." i am pretty sure that the image is under the maximun size. any ideas?

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    i'm having the same problem =(
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    it worked for me when the avatars were first made available for everyone
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    I can't do it either.

    I lost my ice cream cones. So sad.
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    Make sure the size fits the parameters--100 x 125 pixels or 34.2 KB. I had some issues even though I was within the limits, but then it worked the following day, so it may just be the system playing catch up. I am sure the servers were pretty overloaded those first couple of days back online.
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    Right now, uploading avatars has been disabled. We will get them back up soon.
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    it worked!
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    Great. Looks good, CoachIsLove.
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    My avatar is all kinda wacky now, uh oh! Do I need to upload one that's not animated? Siri made me this beautiful avatar, but it's not looking like it used to. Any ideas?
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    I can't get it to work. It won't respond like it should, just nothing happens. I wonder if it's me.

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