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AN = Slow

  1. 0 is it me, or is all nurse's running slow lately ??

    praiser :heartbeat
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    I agree
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    I also agree.
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    It is slower....I know they have been chasing down some problems, probably not fully fixed yet.
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    Hmm. Not for me.
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    Maybe AN is hungover from the holidays and still in a food coma.
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    Not at all. It might be your internet connection. If you're using Firefox as a browser, switch to explorer.
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    Thank you, I appreciate your reports.

    Anything that causes a negative experience for you on is important to us.

    I haven't experienced any slowness but I will keep an eye on things.

    A "slow An" could be caused by local connection or one of our servers could be having issues.
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    I haven't experienced any slowness other than my usual computer is slow at times . . some kind of message comes up occasionally but it is just my computer.

    However, here at work my computer is very slow - everywhere I go.


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