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Don't ya'll think? :) (or am I just dumb and have overlooked one?) haha... Read More

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    Check this thread out:

    Click here for High Quality Video

    Here is a lower res youtube video:

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    Teaser post, there is an iphone app being developed. No hard dates yet, but I am hopeful for sometime in the 1st quarter of 2011. Then an android app will follow at some point!

    I want an iphone app for as bad as you all want it

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    As for the comments of additional ads on the iphone, I don't think there are any additional ads, it should just be the same website you see on your computer? We are not running any iAds? Please post details in the Admin Help Desk that might be helpful so this thread does not get distracted with support issues.

    Yes, the ads to help pay for all our servers and help us pay for all the maintenance of the site, as well as advertising to help keeping it grow, we attend a few nursing related conventions a year and promote the website which is very expensive. Not sure if you know it or not, but we do have an option where you can upgrade your membership (Compare Membership) and not see any ads, this definitely speeds up things and less distractions, plus other perks. This is not something we really push, most people who upgrade, do so because they want to support the site, not so much the perks. But the no ads is a nice feature.

    I love hearing all the support and need for a mobile apps! Thanks for all your feedback!
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    Can't wait for the iPhone app - cool Brian.
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    I was hoping I'd find some good news about an App...even if I have to wait a while for it.

    I'll BETA it!
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    When can I see an iphone app? I want access to this site all the time! It is difficult to view on my iphone internet browser.
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    I agree!
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    Count me on that! I love my iPhone...and I'm really starting to love this site! It would be a great app =D
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    Love to see an app. Brian?

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