commercial - must see :)

  1. 31 this is our first attempt at a commercial to promote, we hope you like it and we would love to hear your feedback! we will be displaying this at a few nursing conventions this year. it's only 30 seconds long, so no need for popcorn

    edit: just added 5-14-09 at 9pm central time:

    here is the original version with an alternative ending that we will be using at the aacn nti convention in new orleans next week that we are giving away 3 ipod touches, one each day. essentially, all we did was cut of the end of this video, which is why there seems like an awkward ending in the above video

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    Far out!!! I love it!!!!!!

    oops, I'm dating myself there...........
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    I'll one up ya, Viva.


    I love it.
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    Love it
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    Good job!

    30 seconds is not long but it gives a good idea what nurses can find here!
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    What were all the floating squares supposed to represent? I found them a little distracting.

    Otherwise, it was cool.
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    Short. To the point. Not too long, not too short. Said what needed to be said. Liked it.
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    i love it
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    thought it was neat, but, if you threw in a few real nurses talking to each other about how great it is(because it really is fabulous!!) then that would really amp it up some
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    As an informational loop for a booth, it's perfect. It tells the story quickly and neatly.

    Having been an advertising type in a previous life, I'd eager to see what you're considering for broadcast media. Maybe --

    "allnurses - dot -com -- apply directly to the forehead"

    Although that might be taken.

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    Looks great love it
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    Best wishes for the ongoing success of
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