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this is our first attempt at a commercial to promote, we hope you like it and we would love to hear your feedback! we will be displaying this at a few nursing conventions this year. ... Read More

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    Brian...if you let me know when and where I am sure to make at least one of them )


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    I'm very glad has decided to do a little marketing. I can't wait to see what types of responses this commercial will generate.
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    Love it! It looks and sounds very professional.

    Is that your voice Brian? If so, you could have a 2nd career as a news commentator!
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    Excellent video. Most excellent.

    You need to do a convention sometime in Ohio...Columbus is the capitol and the most central big city in the state.
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    Good start. I have not explored enough this site to give any real input, but it seems to cover the main ideas.

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