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this is our first attempt at a commercial to promote, we hope you like it and we would love to hear your feedback! we will be displaying this at a few nursing conventions this year. it's only 30 seconds long, so... Read More

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    I am gonna have to go search one of those topics I saw on this LOL. It looks great.
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    It's perfect
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    Excellent! :yeahthat:

    If you have an alternate version, you could perform a simple A/B test (split test) to determine which one draws the greatest response. You just show each version to a sample of, say, 200 viewers and compare the number of positive responses each sample produces. Sometimes a minor modification (eg, changing a single word in the title) can have a huge effect, increasing the response rate by 20% or more. But that may be more work than it is worth.
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    I didn't like it. If I saw that, I wouldn't use the site, it's just not inspiring enough and it was kinda dry. . I think having some nurses talk about it would be better...something along the lines of the I Am a Phoenix commercials.
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    I like to search this site. I find that incredibly helpful. Maybe a ditty about that would be good.

    I think the floating boxes are a bit distracting, too.

    I personally wasn't put off by the voice pause at the end. It directed my concentration to the text on the screen.
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    Loved it! The site's so big, it's hard to cram all that info into 30 seconds, but I think you did a great job!
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    I do think for the purposes you intend on using it that is good.

    Jenn Kristin:angel2:
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    I like it a lot! Kudos to you! I want to research what to say when you get caught sleeping topic

    Good line thrown out. Would make me check out the site for sure.
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    Is the link/video down--or is my work PC that old.....Please reply to let me know if the vid. is down--if not down--alt. site to view. Thanks

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