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this is our first attempt at a commercial to promote, we hope you like it and we would love to hear your feedback! we will be displaying this at a few nursing conventions this year. it's only 30 seconds long, so... Read More

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    As an informational loop for a booth, it's perfect. It tells the story quickly and neatly.

    Having been an advertising type in a previous life, I'd eager to see what you're considering for broadcast media. Maybe --

    "allnurses - dot -com -- apply directly to the forehead"

    Although that might be taken.

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    Looks great love it
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    Best wishes for the ongoing success of
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    I like the commercial but I agree with the other user who said that it might be cool to have a few clips from real nurses who can say how they like the site or something. It might be a nice way to visually add a little more interest to the commercial because most of the commercial is just pictures of the website which only shows the forum. I like the commercial either way, I just think that adding in a few nurses or having Brian make a little cameo and speak about the site might break it up a little bit and add in some visual interest.

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    i love it and it's about time there was a commerical about this awesome website !!
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    i liked the commericial. it was good and to the point. i just thought it should have said something about nursing students too. it is a great website and students nurse come to help each other and vent as well. i think something should have been said about this.

    jenn kristin:angel2:
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    i like it...can't say i'm loving it though.
    there seems to be a rather long pause betw the end of the last sentence and the end of the video.
    i felt like i was left hanging, where i think the addition of a closing, inviting type sentence would make it more complete...
    to the effect of, " so grab a cup of coffee and join us..." type thing.

    just sayin'...

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    Everyone, thanks for your feedback! I appreciate it.

    This video was designed to target nurses for next weeks AACN NTI conference to be shown in the convention center tv screens, buses, and some hotels.

    The ending is kind of cut off, as the original video that we are showing at the show has a different ending inviting viewers to visit our booth #4235 for a chance to win 1 of 3 ipod touchs, daily drawing etc... The original video has a more natural flow at the ending
    (I'll post the original video with the other ending some maybe tomorrow.)

    Thanks again for all your feedback! It will be helpful for making adjustments and new ideas for future promotions.
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    Hey Brian ... I think it's fantastic - just the way it is!
    You're good.
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    Is short, is focused is good
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