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All Nurses or just RN's, BSN's, MSN's?

  1. 0 I've noticed that a large portion of this site and its chats are geard towards those who are NOT LPN's. Aren't we nurses too? There needs to be discussion about this. My personal perception is that we are second class nurses and included mostly in the ads to advance nursing degrees. Hasn't there been enough inequality and disparity between registered folks and licensed nurses? Just asking and putting it out there.
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    This site is not geared up to just RN's we have nurses posting that are LPN's as well as people thinking about nursing and/or waiting to start nursing school, people who are related to nurses, people who are or have been patients, retired nurses and general people who wish to support nurses
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    I understand that these people are members. My concern is that the chats are mostly targeted to those with degrees.
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    Chat is left to the members, we do not control what people post we just ask that the terms of service is respected and edit posts that do violate the terms of service of the site
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    I mean the hosted guest chats
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    Hope you don't mind if I jump in -- I'm the exception to that rule nursieman! I just won't shut up!

    Here is how I see it. Unless the subject matter is about education or degrees, I assume it means "nurses" are people who have the word "nurse" on their license and proceed accordingly if I feel I might have something to offer.

    For example, there is a thread right now written by an RN who works in private duty who feels guilty about taking a vacation - the fact that I've worked in the same area and dealt with those issues is likely more important to her than whether or not I am an RN or an LVN.

    The recent economy and job market problems have caused a superheated discussion of degrees, diplomas and certifications because employers are adjusting to being the seller rather than the nurse -- as it was for so many years.

    I have never been treated disrespectfully on a personal level because of being an LVN or LPN even when the topic was our general value - or not as the case may be. . . . . that's my .002 anyway.
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    we do not have chat rooms at the moment so i am not 100% sure what you mean by hosted guest chats
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    Also good point, some have nurse in their username but they may be LPN or RN unless they indicate under their name their actual profession we don't know what nurse they are
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    There is an LPN forum where many of the LPNs hang out.

    Many of us (myself included) have been LPNs at one time.

    No need to feel second class at all.

    Good luck - I hope that you find happiness in what you are (LPN) but please don't disparage those of us who have chosen to further our career.
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    Hi, there! Plenty of LPNs post here, but they might not always identify themselves as one unless you specifically click on one's username to read their profile. I was an LPN/LVN for four years before earning an RN license last year. Also, keep in mind that the majority of the licensed nursing workforce in the U.S. consists of RNs (3 million strong) and that there are fewer LPNs (less than 1 million). Feel free to connect with other LPNs, student practical nurses, and LPN-to-RN completion program students at our various forums:

    LPN / LVN Corner:

    LPN Nursing Student forum:

    LPN-to-RN Nursing Student forum :
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