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  1. 0 not sure if correct forum but ...There are times when I see my posts /comments have been edited by admin, but not really sure why. It will just say "last edited by...". some of the edits, I cant tell what was done, and in others , the edits take out things like entire quotes. just curious
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    Usually editing is done if your post violates the Terms of Service, e.g.text talk or naming specific people in your post.
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    It can also be edited because the formatting is wrong. When my old computer suddenly died in January and I replaced it with one with Windows 8, it was as though I had never used a computer before. Sometimes the bold feature wouldn't go off, I was unable to start a new paragraph, the capital letter key would stick and not go off, etc. Finally, after some very helpful suggestions from Joe V, some help from the computer manufacturer, and a high school-aged computer whiz in our neighborhood, the kinks were ironed out.
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    If you want to know why a post was edited, you can always go to the Admin Help Desk and ask an administrator directly. They are very helpful and more than willing to discuss the situation privately.

    The same goes for any questions members may have about administrator or moderator actions; it's always best to address them off the forums by using the Help Desk. That way there is a "paper trail" regarding the concern, you get your questions answered, and you don't run afoul of the Terms of Service.
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    Sometimes edits are done for the slightest thing, like as mentioned format, changing profanity to all ** or symbols (mixture of letters and symbols to indicate the word is not allowed) Something major should result in a pm being sent to let you know of the edits. As mentioned any questions re staff actions can be and we do ask is discussed in the Admin Help Desk (links found under help and at the bottom of the page) in private

    Hope this helps
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    We will also remove unapproved links and addresses as well as formatting issues if you are having computer issues...and you have had a few glitches....
    Sep 18 by LaRN Now i am having a different problem. When i post or comment there is string of html code that automatically includes itself into my posts....and it makes a 6 to 8 inch blank space at the bottom of my comment or thread. Like some type of divider. I've been having to manually take it out and its not easy bc my post or comment is usually sucked up along with it
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    Quote from Esme12
    We will also remove unapproved links and addresses as well as formatting issues if you are having computer issues...and you have had a few glitches....
    I was wondering if that was the reason. hopefully it still isn't doing that, I reinstalled my browser.
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    So far I haven't seen it on your posts.....AN also runs best off firefox.
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