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Articles are written by nurses, students, educators, and healthcare professionals. All our articles focus on patient safety, nurse professionalism, specialties, student decisions, nursing schools, and so much more.


What Are Private Messages?

By Joe V - How do I send private messages? Private messages work a little like email, but are limited to registered members with 15+posts. you may include bb code, smilies and images in private messages that you send. You may send a private message to a member by clicking the Private Message found under your Account. How do I work with private message folders? By default, you will have two folders in your private message area.... Read More →

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Welcome to

By Joe V - allnurses is about you. The nurse that craves knowledge. The nurse that wants to expand their career. The nursing student who wants to pass the NCLEX. The retired nurse with vast experience who desires to interact and share with others. allnurses is about helping you become a better nurse. Here's what a long-time member said about How makes you a better nurse... We do not offer medical advice. We do not provide... Read More →

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What's New on allnurses

By Joe V - Below is an outline of some of the changes we made as of this date. A new mobile app and mobile style will accompany these changes in the next few weeks. Our goal is to create a unifying experience across different types of devices. ie. computers, tablets, phones, etc. Items that we will talk about in this article... Tool Bar Options (What's New, MarkRead, Get Daily, etc) Sidebar Likes / Replies Content Bar Search... Read More →

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Not Getting Emails? Email Whitelist Instructions

By brian - Since your ISP probably uses some type of spam filter we ask that you add us to your trusted list of senders, contacts or address book - also known as whitelisting. If you do not see an email from in your inbox, due to the overzealous filtering by ISPs, our email may have mistakenly been sent to your spam/junk folder. Please open your spam folder and look for it there, open it and mark it as "not spam"... ... Read More →

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How do I clear cookies?

By Joe V - What is 'Automatic Sign-In'? When you sign-in, you will be given the option to 'Remember Me'. This will store your identity securely in a cookie on your computer. If you are using a shared computer, such as in a library, school or internet cafe, or if you have reason to not trust any other users that might use this computer, we recommend you do not enable this. How do I clear cookies? You can clear all your cookies set... Read More →

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How To Start A Great Topic

By Joe V - A topic contains a title and a message. To make a topic stand out you must create a descriptive title - something that makes the reader take action. For example, the following compares titles posted on allnurses. I need help!!!! VS Help! Taking NCLEX soon. So many... VS So many applying to nursing school Finally! VS Got a job! Need Advice Any tips? VS Any tips on starting IVs? Read More →

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How do I start a new topic on

By Joe V - Before posting any topics we do ask that you abide to our Terms of Service. Any topic/post in violation of our Terms of Service will be removed. This is a waste of your time and ours. You are free to submit any topic you wish. But, we ask that you keep text/chat speak to a minimum. We make this request to ensure that your topic gets the attention that it deserves. What is a topic? A topic is a subject of discussion. It could be... Read More →

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How to write a successful article for

By rn/writer - Want to write a memorable article for Here are some suggestions. We want at least 500 words. Many submissions fall short and can't be considered for that reason. (To determine word count, cut and paste your article into Word or another processing program and use their counting feature.) Articles have beginnings, middles and ends. Start with a heartfelt memory, flesh it out with a few particulars, and finish by... Read More →

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Cookies: Frequently Asked Questions

By Joe V - What are cookies used for? Websites use cookies to offer a personalized experience to users and to gather information about website use. Many websites also use cookies to store information that provides a consistent experience between sections of the site, such as a shopping cart or customized pages. With a trusted website, cookies can enrich your experience by allowing the site to learn your preferences or allowing you to... Read More →

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How to clear your browsers cache

By brian - google chromein google chrome, go to the wrench icon upper right and click: tools clear browsing data leave only the box checked for, "empty the cache" click, "clear browsing data" internet explorerinternet explorer 7 Read More →

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