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  1. 0 I have reported 2 posts today from people who signed up with "nurse so-and-so" or "somesuch nurse" as their user name, and then their first post states they are NOT a nurse, but are simply contemplating a career in nursing, or even in a nursing assistant course study. It's incredibly frustrating. People post all the time about MAs using the title "nurse" in offices and such, and here people are on this site doing the same thing. Can't that portion of a user name simply not be allowed, since obviously some people cannot take the time to read the terms of service or understand that the title Nurse is a professional title? I mean I'm sure the system disallows certain combinations of letters to not allow people to create a user name like ********.
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    Sometimes people are nurses in another country. Nobody seems to run down everyone doing this to see what the score is.
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    These posts SPECIFICALLY had the OP, the one using the title "nurse", stating their were "think of starting nursing school" and another stating they were in a CNA type course study hoping to EVENTUALLY go to nursing school. People do run down the ones using the title "nurse" in a dr's office, so why shouldn't it apply here as well?
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    We try to police the site for these issues but as an all-volunteer staff, we don't always catch things immediately and appreciate you bringing them to our attention by pressing the "report" button.
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    And I appreciate that, that's why it was simply a suggestion. You guys can't possibly police everyone who has already signed up, but I've seen this site's features change considerably from when I first signed up less than 2 years ago. Perhaps this could be a change that could be considered for new members. It's just the user name, not a lot of actual nurses who post here have "nurse" in their user names. Grandfather those in who already have it, but maybe the software could make that particular combination of letters not allowed for future user names.
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    I'm disturbed because I got in trouble for posting bad words with "hint" letters. Apparently it's supposed to be all ******* Then somebody comes along and type ******* or something. Maybe the more conservative staff are up and about at the same time I am. Sorry for the tangent.
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    As stated, if you see members using unearned titles, please report.

    Also, if you see words that try to circumvent the TOS, please report.
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