"Go to First Unread"

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    I'm not seeing the header that said something like "Go to first unread".
    It was nice to be able to click it and be able to read right where you left off (especially in a long thread).
    Was this removed or is it just me?
    Did I miss something?

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    I asked this yesterday.. Go to the bottom of the thread you are reading and click on the little arrow beside the page numbers, this will take you to the "first unread post"..
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    Thanks, Sun0408!
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    You're Welcome
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    I was just looking for where I could post the same question. I am so lost without the "go to first unread". Thanks
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    On the main page of any forum, you can also go to 1st unread post by clicking the blue arrow found to the left of any thread.

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    There are 3 way to go to Unread post.

    The "Go to First Unread Post" is now a down arrow near pagination...

    You can also go directly to the first unread post by clicking the blue down arrow next to title (found when viewing list of topics). A bold title means there are new unread replies.

    A 3rd way is the linked title (#1 below) - which directs you to first unread post when clicked on.

    If you click on the sky-blue arrow (#2 above) it will take you to the last post in the thread.

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