UnitedHealth Group/Evercare

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    Can anyone tell me about this company? I have an interview with them. I want to know about case loads, rates, benefits, etc. Thanks

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    Has anyone worked for this company?
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    well it's been a year since you posted but I figured I would leave a comment so if anyone else has your question! Hopefully your interview went well btw! I work for evercare hospice and the benefits, pay is AMAZING. They are owned by unitedhealthcare so you can see why haha. I feel like they are a really good organization, typical caseload 12-15, 18 if the census is high. Alot of documentation, but hey, we are nurses!
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    Used to work in SNFs that had EC NPs, up to 40 hours a week if the census was high enough. Got to love that convenience of not making 500 phone calls a week for dumb orders. Never met a NP in EC that didn't 'love' her job, either.

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