Starting a hospice inpatient facility

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    I am approaching a year anniversary for a dream job as a hospice RN in a new inpatient hospice facility. The facility has only been open since April and unfortunately we have seen many staff members move on due to the lack of vision and...organization. The building got built but its the processes, protocols and licensure that are exhausting. Has anyone gone through this process? We need some guidance on how to pull this thing together!!! We are taking patients but with no licensure yet... are not being paid by Medicare.
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    Just wanted you to know that I did send you a PM but, I don't think you can reply to it
    until you have more posts? If that is correct just let me know & maybe I can send you
    an email instead, if allowed. I hope your situation has changed for the better.
    Good luck, stay positive & please keep us posted <3

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