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Pay rate for visiting nurses

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    I have been working as a visiting nurse for a small hospice company since this March. I love my job and my patients, but I hate the driving.........I live in OC, CA, and they pay me $35/visit. I am wondering if the pay rate sounds about right.

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    I'm an LPN (as you can tell from my name) and live in Louisiana. I get $20/hr, but if I make a visit after 4:30 p.m. I get $30 for the visit.
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    35/visit is certainly not over pay!!! depending on if you get mileage pay as well and how long your driving time is ... i am guessing it comes to a rather lousy hourly rate; my 5 cents....
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    So this is fee for service? NY has a rate of at least $42 per hour. I wonder if other NY RNs can share their rates for home visits in public health or intake assessments in an hourly or FFS rate?
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    Good rate for an LVN, especially in OC county. Little low for an RN. Just depends on your circumstances. Might want to check around with other agencies to see what they are paying.
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    the hospice I work for pays 50. for a visit and death, if it lasts more than 2 hours, you add 30. an hour. for after hour admits it is 250.00. We also get mileage after hours door to door, .50 a mile.
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    My company pays $43 per visit credit, with admits being worth 2-3 credits, regular visits being worth 1, and inpatient visits between 1.5-2. I live in a fairly inexpensive area and this pay is very good compared to other agencies. The pay is also about 50% more than what hospital nurses make here. The mileage is paid at IRS rate, unless we drive more than 20 miles or longer than 30mins, then we get our hourly rate (about $23/hr) plus the mileage reimbursement.

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