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  1. 0 We have an LVN in a current position as an LVN Supervisor. She currently has 8 non-clinical staff members reporting to her. I want to move her to LVN Manager and have around 40 CHHAs report to her. I've been looking at my usual salary resources and can't find anything for an LVN manager. I'm looking to find out if any other hospices have a position similar to this and what the pay range is.

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    I worked at some agencies that used LVNs as managers but I have no idea what their salaries were. Running herd on 40 CHHAs sounds like a lot of work. I would think that a salary close to, if not equal to, the lowest rate that you pay a new RN would be appropriate, if not even somewhat low, for the responsibilities involved.
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    Thanks for the feedback. That is a good suggestion.
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    I have no idea on the salary but nice to know there are opportunities for LVN's like that out there.

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