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  1. 0 I am new to hospice work. I accepted a job this week as a full time case manager. I have been told that some pay by the hour, salary, or by the visit. Which one is best?? For flexibility purposes, I'm wondering if hourly pay may give them too much say over my time...vs. pay by visit. I'd like to hear from some nurses who have had hourly paid hospice jobs. Any thoughts will be appreciated!
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    I have always preferred hourly pay as a hospice RN...
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    I would take hourly. It seems with salary, they take advantage and the nurses always work more than 40 hours. At least you will be getting paid for the work you do.

    However with hourly, they can harp on the overtime and always be on your case about it. I would still take hourly!
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    I wouldn't, couldn't do this job for anything but HOURLY. ..good luck.
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    Hourly certainly! Most places only offer salary in my area for full time RNCM's. When I was working as full time CM I rarely clocked under 40 hours and often was in 42-44 hour range per week not including on call time. I would not do pay per visit, often you have complicated visits that quite a bit of time.
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    I prefer hourly, myself. I don't frequently work over 40, but it can get a bit crazy now & then... wouldn't want to be on a salary at those times. My daughter does pay per visit, and in this area that generally means no benefits; that alright in her case, but I need insurance, so that would not work out for me.

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