Hospice Communication in the field

  1. What is the best way your hospice employer communicate to their nurses when they are in the field seeing patients? How do they notify you of an emergent need vs just FYI? How do you prefer to be notified in the field while taking care of patients?
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  3. by   cshelly12
    If patients are calling in, we work on a pager and voicemail system. So we are paged for urgent/emergent needs, and a voicemail is left for routine needs. This allows us to know if we need to step out of a visit, or can wait to return the call until we are finished. My supervisor may call me occasionally, but mainly they would communicate via email.
  4. by   AtlantaRn1
    Phone call but most preferred is an encrypted text messaging server. I do weekend. One of the nurses will start a "chat" within the encrypted server so all weekend we have a running tally of who saw who n new orders and issues.
  5. by   TammyG
    We use solely email. Would love to have an encrypted text messaging server but we don't have that yet.