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  1. 0 How often does your hospice company require hha supervisions ? Does anyone know medicare guidelines? I always though medicare was 28 days in person and q2w indirect.
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    Medicare guidelines say every 60 days direct and every 2 weeks indirect. But since I tend to be a bit scatterbrained and don't always remember from one week to the next if I did an indirect supervision, I do one with each visit. My company's policy is one RN visit weekly or more, so it is done weekly.
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    Check your state requirements...CMS says one thing but some states, Alaska for instance, has a stricter requirement for supervision.
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    where can you find cms requirements
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    Quote from rnchpn
    where can you find cms requirements
    In the Conditions of Participation...CoPs
    you can find it on the medicare.gov website...
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