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gotta a position in hospice

  1. 1 Hello fellow nurses, i am a rather new RN, graduated last May, have worked LTC since August. i applied for a case manager position and got it!! i am so excited as this has been my dream since i started RN school. i have had residents who have been on hospice so i am not totally green coming in, but would love some advice. This is not an inpt position. Thanks!!
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    Good luck and welcome to hospice!
    Peruse the hospice folder, you will find lots of helpful information.
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    Tewdles, where is there a hospice folder? On this site? Thanks!
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    Let us know how your first month goes. I am waiting to hear back. I hear hospice has way too much computer work and travel time. Let us know.
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    Congratulations and good luck to your new work!