Florida Hospice jobs?

  1. 0 I want to make a move this year ( 2012) to Florida. I am in my 5th year as a Hospice RN, CHPN. Are there Hospice nursing jobs in Florida? Where do you work at? Places to avoid?
    I have INPT and Home care experience. Any input/advice you have would be great.

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    Hi! I work for a good non-profit company in south florida called Hospice By the Sea. I would check out the website and go from there (hbts.org) I do know that we are hiring at the moment. Good luck!
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    I have heard some good things about Hospice By the Sea. Do you know of a similar organization in the Sarasota/Bradenton area? I will be moving in a year, maybe 2. My son is still in college here in Massachusetts, but my elderly parents are in Bradenton.

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