Determining the Best Hospice Workplace for You

  1. 0 I am currently a Med-onc nurse at a hospital with 1 year of experience. I think I want to go into hospice nursing as I love all my hospice patients with a passion and feel that is where I belong. I think I would do best on an inpatient hospice unit because I am still new and like to have coworkers I can ask questions.

    What is a good way to research the best facilities to work at and the best environment for me?

    I was thinking of shadowing a hospice nurse in Pittsburgh as I might be moving there in the future. Any thoughts?
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    Shadowing would be awesome for you. I have been a hospice nurse for 2 years and it is my passion. I love it. It sounds like you are drawn to hospice patients so I think it is definitely worth pursuing. I find it to be very rewarding. Good luck.

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