Catheter question

  1. 0 Is there such thing as an 18 french coude catheter? If so, do you know who manufactures them? The supply lady at work says there is no such thing, only 18 fr and 18 coude, but my pts. daughter says that is what the pt. requires. I'm confused!!
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    Yes. Coude means elbow in French.
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    French is the size, so a regular catheter would be an 18 French and one with a coude tip (an elbow to better navigate the prostate) is an 18 French coude catheter.
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    Bard makes coude catheters and yes, they do come in a size 18 French.��
    The purpose of a coude is for a difficult catheterization (often to navigate around the prostate) in males
    The coude tip is narrowed and slightly angled.
    Nurses often require a physcians order to insert this type of catheter.��

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