Can a hospice nurse be a nurse instructor?

  1. 0 I am currently a hospice nurse at a busy inpatient hospice facility. I was recently accepted into a masters program for nursing education. My question is, if I want to be a nurse educator (probably start in the clincal setting and then possibly in more of a classroom setting), would it be better if I moved back to working in a different field of nursing. I am worried that working in hospice will limit what I can teach. I do work with very complex patients with multiple medical issues; we administer IV abx, narcotics, blood etc as well as wound care, ostomy care etc. But I am not CPR or ACLS certified as it is not a requirment at our hospice. Would I be a better teacher if I worked in an inpatient hospital setting where I would be constantly learning/practicing more up to date clinical skills? I just love hospice nursing and am hesistent to look into other fields but I would do it if it could help a potential career in education.
    Thanks so much for any responses!
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