Are there Hospice jobs in your area?

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    What part of country do you live in? I'm in mid west and want to move someplace warmer, ( Fla, or south west), but want to stay in hospice, I love Hospice nursing. I am CHPN with INPT and Triage exp, love what I do , going on 5 yrs in Hospice. Any input you may have in regards to good places to work, places to avoid, advice would be appreciated.

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    PS, I am a RN also
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    I am in AZ and I see quite a few hospice nursing posts on Craigslist and similar job posting websites.
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    San Antonio companies are always looking for hospice nurses!!
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    What kind of nursing do you do? Are you a Hospice nurse? Any companies to avoid?
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    Are you a Hospice nurse? Do you work at a Hospice?

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