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  1. 0 Considering going into hospice nursing is it as labor intensive inpatient care?
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    I don't know if you are thinking of field work or in-patient work. I work in a six bed hospice house and we are frequently slammed with a variety of situations - patients in crisis, new admits, deaths, family dynamics. It's just me and my aide. It can be very physically and emotionally demanding. We always lift together, as well, for the safety of our backs. If you are looking for a desk job hospice isn't it! Good luck.
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    I was thinking of a job in the field. I realize its not a desk job but. I am hoping it would be less constant walking than inpatient bedside work?
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    Yes, I think you are right! Best of luck...I am sure your patients will benefit from your experience and wisdom, no matter where you go.
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    thanks kat!
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    in the field wouldn't be as labor intensive as inpatient.
    however you do need to be able to lift, reposition, transfer, etc.
    so yes, you do need to be in relatively good shape.

    best of everything to you.

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