What do new graduate home care/hospice nurses make in Alabama

  1. Hey yall. I just graduated in May and have an opportunity to be a home care/ hospice nurse. I was just wondering about what the pay was going to be as a new graduate. I have another job offer at a hospital for $21/hr but I really want to take the hospice job. It seems like a better fit for me and my family. So, anyone know the starting rate ? It's a salary job. Thank you so much
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  3. by   Nurse_Diane
    Speaking from experience, I would start at the hospital. Home health/hospice require very independent thinking and sometimes crisis situations occur.

    Getting your "feet wet" in the hospital for a year or so will help you out tremendously. Also, while you are working in the hospital, and a crisis occurs/pt crashes, there is always someone down the hall to help you.

    I did my one year med/surg prior to home hospice. I would have been SUNK if not for that hospital experience. Now I am more confident and comfortable w my skills.

    I've been doing home hospice for 3 years now.

    Congrats on your new position; I hear they are hard to come by these days.