What degree do agencies prefer?

  1. 0 I am a prenursing student and one area I am interested in is home health. Do home health agencies prefer nurses with BSN's or can someone with an ADN be hired? If I started with an ADN degree, I would definately work get my BSN. Just trying to decide what path I should go. Thanks
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    They hire both and do not prefer one over the other. However, check your states nursing laws. Ours requires one year in a clinical setting. I know we really look for ER or ICU experience, due to critical thinking skills needed in the Home Health setting.
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    In Phildalephia area, home health employers in major agencies are desiring BSN prepared nurses with at least 1 year of homecare.
    My employer has started BSN required effective 1/1/13. That is also preference for hospital employment... tough job market for new ADN and Diploma grads.
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    Asalaam aleikum, UmmNasim. I agree with above, but just wanted to say hello. Ramadan Kareem and Eid mubarek, a little early. :-)

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