Unna boots

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    For all you wound or home health nurses out there - Is it policy for you to measure the circumference of the calf, or below knee, calf, ankle, prior to applying unna boots?

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    We do not have that as part of our policy.
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    I don't think it's our policy, but definitely best practice!
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    It is not the policy of the home health agency that I work for, however, we do have a policy that an ABI be obtained before applying compression of any type. Personally, I do go ahead and measure the circumference of the leg at calf, ankle and foot prior to application - best practice to see if therapy for edema reduction is working.
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    I am new to HH and new to Unna boot application. Would you please explain why the measurements would be taken? I can understand an ABI (which we do not do either and I don't know how I would do that in HH b/c we do not have a doppler) but not just measurements.

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