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SOC rates California

  1. 0 Hello. I have been in home health for some years now. I work as an independent contractor to some agencies and as an on-call "employee" at others. All of these places seem to pay per visit. Is it just my imagination, or have agencies been paying pretty much the same per visit rate for ages?? I was just interested in finding out what other Home Health RN's are getting paid per visit now in California.. Thank you
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    I know a few making $55 per visit; that is per diem, non-benefitted. I'm not sure what benefitted employees make
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    wow --- I only get $35 - per diem...
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    For SOC, ROC or DC, I get paid $65. For routine visits, I get $45 plus mileage.
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    Thanks for all the answers. I still cant believe the SOC rates for you all are so low. SOC's are so time consuming!! Like 4-6 hours with the paperwork...or are your agencies doing something different?
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    I think the low rates have alot to do with supply and demand.