RN supervisory role over aides

  1. What does your agency require of aides with respect to communicating with RN Case Mgr?

    For example, I told an aide to let me know if BS was below 90 or above 300. The consumer told aide not to call me when she was 366. The aide didn't as per consumer's request.

    My opinion is this is not up to aide to follow the consumer's wish but to report to her supervisor as requested. But my co'workers say if consumer wishes it not to be told to RN, then the aide doesn't have to tell the RN. Can I be responsible for anything if my aide listens to consumer instead of me, as the supervisor?
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  3. by   tewdles
    The aide reports to you and the agency.
    If the aide was required to report a critical lab (BS >300) her failure to do so represents a failure in judgment.
    The patient may dictate many things but not our clinical practice responsibilities.