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Per visit and calculation of overtime gripe

  1. 0 I work in CA and get paid a "per visit" rate. I also get millage and 8.00 per hour drive time. I drive between 100-150 miles a day usually. My employer states that drive time hours does not count towards hours calculated for overtime. Overtime is only calculated for visit, documentation, and administration time. Is this correct? I put in 12 hour days sometimes with NO overtime.
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    There screwing you out of overtime by paying you per visit. Do what I did and limit how far you will drive.
    Say you don't pay me overtime so Im not taking pts that are out of my area. Gas is too high and so is upkeep
    on your car. They'll pay up or get over it.
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    but is that legal, not to include travel time as hours worked?
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    They got you because your prn, not salary. Search this site I think
    there was a discussion about that a few months ago.