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  1. I have become well seasoned with Oasis. I have been through 6 changes. I am working toward going to the classes to take the COS-Exam this summer. I have an idea to be available for "Oasis tutoring" from my home to supplement income from being out in the field during the week. Any thoughts on this???
    Let me know.
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  3. by   AtHomeNurse
    A similar program already exists. I forget the names of the ladies (and Rn and ot) but there is a series of recordings on oasis done specifically for agencies to purchase and show to new staff for educational purposes. Beyond that we have several nurses who are oasis certified who are available to staff struggling with oasis. I don't see a target audience for oasis tutoring myself. I personally would not have paid out of pocket for tutoring, and my agency certainly would not have. Who would you be targeting?